Home exercise plan updated on a weekly basis – patients are provided with a weekly progressive exercise programme to ensure treatment momentum between sessions.

End stage / return to play plan
Muscle / Ligamentous and tendonous injury management – soft tissue injuries such as tendonopathies, muscle strains and ligament sprains

Pre operative management
Muscular strength work for elective surgery to assist post surgery recovery

Post operative recovery
Physio treatment for arthroscopies, joint replacements, osteotomies, tendon debridements, metal work removal and fasciectomies.

Used for the treatment of painful joints and muscles which are too irritated or as an adjunct to standard physiotherapy treatment

Dry needling
A pro-inflammatory treatment where acupuncture needles are placed around the tender joint/muscle

Sports Massage
Can be an individual treatment for pre or post race/event. Can also be used as part of a treatment block

We use braces from various manufacturers such as Donjoy, össur and Medi to support or offload joints. Please note that braces must be purchased separately either directly through the clinic or from the bracing companies directly.

At the Courtyard our treatment room is equipped with the latest functional rehabilitation equipment such as a Watt Bike, TRX (suspension trainer), kettlebells (8-40kg), plyometric jump boxes and lots of other toys to keep your rehabilitation fun as well as effective.

We also have lots of outdoors space to go through specific return to sport activities such as running drills, movement re-education or outdoors strength work as part of your rehab programme.